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I Need a Rental

Custom & Special Engineering of Portable Air Conditioning Solutions

AC Rental and Purchase Options from the Manufacturer

Do you need portable HVAC systems to satisfy your special air conditioning or heating requirements?  Call AirPac ES, the newest division of AirPac.   We created the ES division just for you:

  • Event Services – for tent renters and event planners, ES offers field HVAC.  Environmental conditioning, heating, cooling, ventilation and dehumidification for tents and non-conditioned venues.
  • Energy Services – for building management personnel, building owners and building service companies, ES offers air conditioning analysis for temporary heating, cooling, ventilation and drying of buildings and structures during construction, retro-fit, and maintenance.
  • Emergency Services – for disaster relief efforts, ES offers quick HVAC.   Temporary, emergency and portable (easy deployment) heating, cooling and drying after emergencies.
  • Entertainment Support – for motion picture and television production, ES offers portable HVAC, quiet, reliable cooling and heating.
  • Environmental Solutions – for industrial markets and factories that require process, equipment or personnel cooling, ES provides temporary HVAC.
  • Engineered Solutions – for all our customers, ES offers HVAC consulting support for the existing product offering and design of new modifications required to meet your temporary cooling and heating requirements.

AirPac ES is your dependable partner and problem solver to safeguard your assets.