With rescheduled weddings, intimate elopements, and small celebrations taking place this fall and winter, we wanted to let you know that your outdoor event can still be comfortable, even without the...

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  • Keep Your Outdoor Event Cozy with AirPac's Electric Heaters
  • As more companies return to in-person offices, comfort, safety, and employee health is paramount and needs to be taken seriously. Loss of HVAC and improper filtration and circulation of air is the...

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  • Returning to The Office: Be Prepared to Handle an HVAC Emergency
  • Designed to be portable so that they can be moved wherever they're needed most, renting portable air conditioning units is a smart investment. Understanding the different uses for portable cooling...

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  • Construction Sites and Celebrations: Keeping Cool and Staying Safe
  • Summer certainly can bring challenges to the workplace. In addition to covering vacation time, you also need to find a way to keep employees and equipment cool under a variety of sweltering...

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  • Spot Cooling: Your Summer Solution
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