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Portable Air Conditioners & Spot Coolers on GSA Schedule

AC Rental and Purchase Options on GSA Schedule GS-21F-0003K.

Want to purchase or rent portable air conditioners on GSA schedule?  Whether you need military air conditioners, deployable AC units or emergency spot cooling for a server room, you can buy and rent portable air conditioners for any location across the USA with just one call to AirPac. 

Air conditioning is often required year round for many military and government applications.  Today’s energy-efficient environments and heat-sensitive equipment demand cool, conditioned air to make workspaces comfortable and guarantee continuous operation.  AirPac’s portable air conditioners and spot coolers begin cooling minutes after the units are set in place. 

Portable air conditioners are perfect for:

  • Server and computer equipment room cooling
  • Back-up and emergency air conditioning for office space
  • Laboratories and hospitals
  • Mobile command control centers
  • Cooling temporary structures
  • Mission critical AC units

Associated Data & Product Technology – ADAPT, Inc. --  is the exclusive GSA contract holder for AirPac’s portable air conditioners.  Government buyers…. We want you! 

Purchase and rent portable air conditioners on GSA Schedule:

  • ADAPT is a small, woman-owned business
  • AirPac portable air conditioners are MADE IN THE USA

GSA Schedule GS-21F-0003K.