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Portable Air Conditioners & Spot Coolers for Movie Sets & Studios

AC Rental and Purchase Options from a Specialist!

Need air conditioning for your upcoming movie production? Temperature control is easy on location with AirPac and Angel Aerial-working with the movie studios and production companies since 1996.  It’s easy to rent portable air conditioning units for production locations across the USA with just one call! 

Contact for movie set AC:
Office: (212)-460-8899
Outside of NY: 800-503-9240

AirPac’s reliable portable air conditioners and spot coolers are perfect for quick temporary cooling to increase comfort at any production location including.

  • Feature films
  • Television studios
  • Commercials
  • Still Shoots
  • Music Videos
  • Outdoor movie sets

Rent portable AC units for entertainment and movie production -- stay on time and on budget:

  • Keep actors cool while shooting
  • Cool heat-intensive lighting areas and heat-sensitive equipment
  • Temporary AC units will keep production on schedule and minimize disruption

AirPac has been in the portable air conditioner industry as a distributor/rental store for 30 years and has been manufacturing the AirPac line of reliable portable air conditioners and spot coolers for over 15 years. Angel Aerial has been working with movie studios and production companies since 1996; this combined experience makes us the perfect team to help you keep your cool.  We’ll quickly evaluate your situation to determine the portable air conditioning that’s right for your job.  From pricing to delivery to performance, you’ll know exactly where you stand and get exactly what you need with the AirPac Advantage. 

You can count on:

  • Fixed purchase and rental rates, regardless of the season
  • Fast, professional service
  • Dependable equipment

When you need to rent air conditioning or spot coolers for your production location, you need a dependable team to keep you cool.  You can depend on AirPac and Angel Aerial – we make it our business to keep your productions cool.