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AirPac Customer Testimonials

If you are planning a tent wedding AirPac is essential! Sweaty, overheated guests are not going to have a good time! With all the details that go into a perfect day - do not overlook keeping guests cool and comfortable! We had a tent reception at Sleepy Hollow Country Club this past Saturday and typical dicey August weather - pouring all morning, then blazing, hot sun. Thank God we booked AirPac! They are very professional, and Tina very good at explaining what could be overwhelming information. I saw the truck arrive and that was that - like magic the team set up, and by dinner time the tent was deliciously cool! And stayed cool for hours! The units are very quiet and unobtrusive. I think a great band and climate control are the most important parts of a wedding. We had amazing flowers and food, but overall guest comfort level is more essential. Who wants to dance if feeling overheated in a muggy, airless tent? So don't hesitate to book AirPac. It's worth every penny!

Claudia E.
Review on The Knot

We wholeheartedly endorse The AirPac team. They provided the AC for our daughter’s July 4th wedding. They are very professional, were a pleasure to deal with, and delivered their services flawlessly. The temperature outside was in the high 80’s and the dance floor in the tent was delightful. What else can you ask for?

Joel G.
Review on The Knot

I run a small server room in Houston, TX. I'm a repeat customer of AirPac. I purchased 2 Coolit1000s in 1999 that are still running strong. I purchased a Coolit2000 in June 2002 that is phenomenal. It took 15 minutes to set up and hasn't been shut-off since. The air is as cold today as it was the first day of operation. My cooling needs keep increasing so now I'm back to purchase a Coolit3300. My sales rep was friendly and knowledgeable. It took 15 minutes to place my order and 24 hours later it was on a truck heading my way. I couldn't ask for more. Thank you AirPac.

S. Jumper

We sure do love working with the AirPac team for these winter events! The barn was heated very well and the cooks tent was nice and toasty. We absolutely appreciate the hard work and dedication AirPac has to their clients and we have a sense of relief when they're around.

Kim J.
Review on The Knot

Temperature control could be something you decide you don't need. As the Mother of the Bride who hosted her daughter's wedding on a 90-degree day at the end of September, I assure you that temperature control is something you absolutely DO need - because no one can accurately predict the weather. Even if you have a fabulous weather day (we did), if we hadn't had AirPac AC units in place, our tent would've felt like an oven. These folks are fabulous, knowledgeable, and professional. They also have access to backup equipment so if there's an issue with their equipment, you'll never know it. And what if it had been 50 degrees instead? The tent would've still been perfect. Do not skimp on the comfort of your guests - trust these professionals.

Lauri B.
Review on The Knot

For the past two years we have been able to rest assured that when our primary cooling system is down for maintenance or an emergency our AirPac portable air conditioner will kick right in and perform. On dozens of occasions the PortaPac has saved us from experiencing any downtime.  I’ll count on AirPac to solve any of my future cooling problems.

J. Hales
National Association of Broadcasters

Can't say enough about the professionalism and performance of the AirPac team! We are a wedding venue with an unconditioned barn. Our wedding couple knew this. Mother Nature decided to turn up the furnace on their wedding day to the upper 90's. the couple frantically turned to us and asked if there was some way we could recommend a company which could cool the barn. I knew who to call - AirPac where Tina and Marlin expertly handled my call and provided the needed cooling for the couple. The call came to them on Thursday late afternoon and Saturday morning they were installing the cooling system - simply amazing and EXACTLY why we NEVER call any other company for barn heating or cooling needs.

Paul V.
Review on The Knot

I deal exclusively with AirPac for all of my temporary HVAC needs. Portable air conditioners and heaters are available from several companies; however, AirPac’s equipment always does the job because their staff takes the time to listen to the customer to correctly specify the best equipment for the job. They never disappoint!

R. Barnes
Environmental & Power Services

AirPac cooled the tent for our June wedding at Tranquility farm and they did a phenomenal job! It was extremely hot out and all of our guests stayed cool and comfortable in the tent! Tina and the entire AirPac team were so kind and accommodating throughout the planning process. We had some huge changes sprung on us at the last minute and had to make the decision to move to a tent. AirPac was so flexible and didn’t even charge us for the extra unit we needed because of the change. All I can say is if you’re having a summer tent wedding and are on the fence about AC, do it! It’s worth every penny and your guests will thank you. Thank you for making our event a success, AirPac!

Kristen L.
Review on The Knot

AirPac deserves 10 stars! This is my second event working with them to cool and maintain the temperature in a 4,500sq foot sailcloth tent for a backyard wedding. Their sleek, efficient equipment works incredibly well all while not compromising the sophistication and elegance of the event. They arrive on schedule, deliver and set up their equipment and promptly break everything down when it is over. Having an attendant on site the entire event is a huge help as well. When one of my couples mentions air conditioning, I send them in AirPacs direction! Here’s to many more events together!

Cindy R.
Review on The Knot

LIFE SAVERS! We got married in late May. We were having our reception in a tent, so we got nervous when the forecast showed temperatures in the 90s. AirPac came and installed the air conditioning a week ahead of schedule. We were all very comfortable, so I can truly say that AirPac saved the day.

Rachel R.
Review on The Knot

We booked our wedding for a time of the year where the weather is completely unpredictable and the ceremony part was in a room that was exposed to the elements. As the day drew nearer, the forecasted temperatures unfortunately dropped and we were very concerned about the comfort level of our guests. AirPac was in constant communication with us during the last few weeks leading up to the wedding and then once we pulled the trigger and decided to use their services, they handled everything and did so flawlessly and with a care that reflected as if their own children were getting married. While not Bermuda warm for the ceremony (which was not expected!), our guests were very comfortable with the addition of multiple heaters throughout the ceremony room and the presence of those heaters was barely even noticed. We cannot thank AirPac and their team more for helping us out!

Chris S.
Review on The Knot

We are an academic research lab conducting research in forest pathology.  Specifically we are working on Sudden Oak Death.  The microbe responsible for this disease grows best at low temperatures, around 60 degrees F.  Our lab is housed in an old building  - freezing in the winter and sweltering in the summer. We are on the top floor, with a  southwestern exposure.  Because our organism can’t survive at these “extreme” temperatures, we needed to find an AC unit that could cool our lab. When the AirPac showed up, we laughed because it is so HUGE, but it has done its job well and kept us operating normally.  Thank you AirPac!

A. Smith
UC Berkeley

Just wanted to drop a note to thank you for another great season of service. You have more than met all of our cooling needs and performance expectations.

J. Vari
WAWA Food Markets

I have no control over our building air and absolutely no air conditioning over the weekend. I cannot afford downtime; therefore, the requirement for air conditioners in our server room is a necessity. Years ago I purchased two COOLIT1000's to protect our IT operations from heat-crippling downtime, but with the addition of more electronic equipment in our server room I needed more air conditioning. After looking at all options I again selected a portable air conditioner from AirPac - this time the COOLIT3300. It is keeping our equipment cool and keeping us in business!

G. Sinclair
Quantum Research Corporation

Our daughter got married on July 7, 2018 in a barn in Harrisonburg. We were very nervous when she picked this date knowing how hot and humid it can be in VA in the middle of the summer. We luckily found AirPac in a google search and I quickly e-mailed them and immediately got a response from Tina. AirPac arranged a meeting with the barn owner to do a site survey and got back to me quickly with a plan and a quote. We agreed to the contract and my worries of the guests sweating all night long quickly subsided! They came the morning of the wedding, introduce themselves and begin setting up quietly and professionally. The AirPac crew worked diligently for hours setting up and making sure not to impede all the people setting up the barn for the wedding. The barn was a perfect temp/humidity level hours before the reception even started. The AC units were wrapped in wood and placed in the corners of the barn. We did not hear the units nor did anyone complain about them running. In fact, many guests did not realize the AC units were even in the barn. My wife and I and the other 140+ people got to enjoy a climate-controlled beautiful reception with the help of AirPac!!! I highly recommend them to anyone having an event in a barn, tent or other structure where there is no AC. Tina's team was incredible. They arrived early, set up all the equipment without interrupting the wedding coordinator and her helpers and tore down the equipment the same night. Professional, courteous and just outstanding!!!

Jeff R.
Review on The Knot

Our daughter was married in July 2017 at Belmont Manor in Elkridge, MD, and like any other day in July it was hot! A couple months before the wedding we hired AirPac to AC the tent and they did a FANTASTIC job! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND AIRPAC FOR ANY EVENT WHERE AIR CONDITIONING IS NEEDED! Belmont Manor is a historic site with a very large tent than can seat 250 people with a large dance floor and we did not want to take the chance that we and our guests would be uncomfortable. While the people at Belmont told us that the tent "could" be air conditioned, that had never occurred prior to our event, which made it all the more challenging for AirPac. They did an OUTSTANDING job working with the Belmont Manor staff to meet their requirements for preserving the historic site, and as promised provided a cool tent for our guests with equipment that was super quiet. On top of all of that, the AirPac team was able to pack up and exit the property within about 30 minutes at the end of the night, helping us avoid the loss of our security deposit. From the first phone call I made to them through the end of the event AirPac was very easy to work with, professional in all respects and 100% focused on us. If I ever have another need to hire a company to air condition a venue I will be calling AirPac!

Don P.
Review on The Knot

Our restaurant air conditioning system went down and your company was a lifesaver for our business. We could not have survived a weekend in the August heat without your prompt delivery of two portable air conditioners. Thank you for being there on such short notice. I have recommended you to everyone I know.

R. Meatyard
Tall Timbers Development Company

We hired Air Pac for my daughter's wedding in August at Blue Mountain Lodge and they did a great job keeping the venue cool and comfortable. The units were clean, efficient and quiet. I would definitely recommend this company if you want reliable and professional service!

Donna Jean R.
Review on The Knot

Our TotalStorage Solutions Center is located in a converted office environment. Quotes for permanent installation of air conditioners were all too expensive. We ordered a COOLIT3300 - installation was simple and the results are outstanding. The unit runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and has dropped the temperature in the room by approximately 10 degrees F, which was exactly what we needed.

JB Burke
Jeskell Inc.

I just wanted to send a note to let you know how impressed I was with your level of service and professionalism. Your goes above and beyond what was expected. We have had a hard time finding courteous contractors who have really taken the extra effort to make sure that services were completed effectively and efficiently. I am very, very happy with your service.

D. Vargas
First Service Networks

In emergency situations Robert can access the situation and provide the best solution time after time. Our emergencies become uneventful with Robert on our side. He's there for us 24/7, 365 days a year. He is a relationship builder and we are fortunate to have him on our team.

G. Martin
Complete Building Services

I appreciate everything Robert and Carla did for us today. We will turn to your team at AirPac in the future when we are in the need of temporary portable cooling and heating. Thank you again for your support.

C. Monetta
UIC Technical Services, LLC

Thank you so much for helping us so quickly and on a weekend! I was told that you even provided a third unit for no additional cost, just to help out!  What an amazing and generous thing to do! This is why I love doing business here in the Valley. 

M. DiNatale
Distributed Solutions, Inc.