Keep Your Data Safe

Keep server rooms and data centers operating with optimal temperatures.

Don't Lose Productivity

If your HVAC doesn't work, your servers might not work either.

Keep Data Safe

Keep your information safe with ideal server room temperatures. 

Clean and Reliable

In an emergency, you shouldn't have to worry about portable air conditioners that arrive late or dirty.

Experienced Technicians

We don't drop and go. Our technicians will make sure you understand unit operation.

Custom Climate Solution

We understand that businesses of different sizes and functions have unique needs. We create a custom solution, just for you.

We Can Help

We know how frustrating it is to have an HVAC emergency. We want to help you keep your cool.


Working with AirPac is Easy.

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What are you trying to cool or heat?

Whether it's a small retail space or a large medical facility, AirPac will keep your business comfortable and safe.

Retail & Restaurant Spaces


Offices & Schools


Hospitals & Medical Facilities


Industrial Processes


Construction Sites


Disaster Relief Applications


What our clients say

"I have no control over our building air and absolutely no air conditioning over the weekend. I cannot afford downtime; therefore, the requirement for air conditioners in our server room is a necessity. Years ago I purchased two COOLIT1000's to protect our IT operations from heat-crippling downtime, but with the addition of more electronic equipment in our server room I needed more air conditioning. After looking at all options I again selected a portable air conditioner from AirPac -- this time the COOLIT3300. It is keeping our equipment cool and keeping us in business!"

G. Sinclair, Quantum Research Corporation

"For the past two years we have been able to rest assured that when our primary cooling system is down for maintenance or an emergency our AirPac portable air conditioner will kick right in and perform. On dozens of occasions the PortaPac has saved us from experiencing any downtime. I’ll count on AirPac to solve any of my future cooling problems."

J. Hales, National Association of Broadcasters

"I run a small server room in Houston, TX. I'm a repeat customer of AirPac. I purchased 2 Coolit1000s in 1999 that are still running strong. I purchased a Coolit2000 in June 2002 that is phenomenal. It took 15 minutes to set up and hasn't been shut-off since. The air is as cold today as it was the first day of operation. My cooling needs keep increasing so now I'm back to purchase a Coolit3300. My sales rep was friendly and knowledgeable. It took 15 minutes to place my order and 24 hours later it was on a truck heading my way. I couldn't ask for more. Thank you AirPac."

S. Jumper,
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