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Portable Air Conditioners for Offices and Schools

AC Rental and Purchase Options from the Manufacturer

What one essential component to your building goes virtually unnoticed – that is until it’s NOT working?  Air conditioning.  Whether you need portable office air conditioners, school air conditioners, even extra gym air conditioning, AirPac will keep you cool with just one call.

Optimum temperature is important not only for employees’ well-being and productivity, but also the efficient operation of many computer and electronic processes vital to daily operations.  Loss of office air conditioning and air conditioning in schools translates to lost revenue and underutilization.

AirPac portable air conditioners and spot coolers are mobile and are perfect for supplemental, emergency and temporary cooling in offices and schools:

  • Cooling for nights and weekends when building system is cut back
  • Back up office AC units for critical work areas
  • Summer school air conditioning in select zones to save money & resources
  • Spot cooling gymnasiums and conference areas

Contingency plans for air conditioning and replacing failed air conditioners must minimize the disruption of business and schools and expedite the recovery process.  AirPac is the partner you need to keep your cool.  We’ll quickly evaluate your situation to determine if purchase or rental of portable air conditioning is right for you.  From pricing to delivery to performance, you’ll know exactly where you stand and get exactly what you need with the AirPac Advantage.  You can count on:

  • Fixed purchase and rental rates, regardless of the season
  • Fast, professional service
  • Dependable equipment

When the mercury rises and minutes count, you need a dependable partner and problem solver to keep you cool.  Call AirPac – we make it our business to keep your business cool.

Portable Air Conditioners for Offices and Schools