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Rustic Barn Air Conditioning & Heating Solutions


Add modern air conditioning and heating to the ambiance of a rustic barn venue.

So you booked a beautiful, rustic barn venue for August and now you're wondering if your guests are going to melt in the heat and humidity. Or maybe you're wondering if your guests will freeze at your October event now that an early frost is predicted.

What about your carefully selected buffet, flowers and the wedding cake or other desserts?  Those items often can't stand up to high heat and humidity or freezing temps.

Just take a quick look at this video to see how AirPac can comfort condition the barn so your guests will remember your event for all the right reasons!

You can’t control the weather.  AirPac’s cooling and heating solution makes it possible to keep a rustic barn comfortable without disrupting the rustic atmosphere of the interior or the serene vistas that probably made you fall in love with the site in the first place.

The slim, unobtrusive cabinet design works with most structures.  Set-up is a snap and you’ll be comfortable minutes after the units are set in place. 

With AirPac you won't have to worry about:

  • Ugly air conditioning ducts ruining the decor and ambiance inside the rustic barn.
  • Unsightly ducts attached to the outside of the barn to direct the cold air into the space.
  • Disruptive noise from the HVAC equipment.
  • Dirty equipment that just came off rent from a construction site.

With our modular units you get exactly the cooling or heating you need and the conditioned air is distributed throughout the barn, not just dumped into one area.  That also saves fuel costs because you shouldn't have to fuel a large generator to support an oversized, trailer-mounted unit that is bigger than you need in the first place!

When you need to air condition or heat a barn to keep your guests comfortable, you need a dependable partner and problem solver you can trust.  Call AirPac – we make it our business to keep your event comfortable.