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Portable Air Conditioning for Server Room Cooling

There's no time for downtime in a server room

What’s at risk when your computer air conditioners can’t handle the heat load?  Excessive heat is the number one enemy of computer and telecom equipment and operations grind to a halt.  You need a back-up plan for your data center AC.  Be prepared with server room cooling solutions to protect expensive equipment and data.

Need emergency server room cooling? 

Building system can’t keep up with the data center air conditioning load? 

You can buy and rent portable air conditioners and spot coolers for server rooms and data center air conditioners for any location across the USA with just one call to AirPac.

AirPac’s compact portable air conditioners have the smallest footprint in the industry --  perfect since data center floor space is at a premium. 

AirPac provides portable cooling solutions for:

  • Primary cooling for overheated server closets
  • Back-up AC for computer room cooling systems
  • Emergency server room air conditioners when the main system is down
  • Spot cooling remote, unattended telecom sites

When you need emergency or temporary computer and telecom equipment air conditioners, you need to call AirPac.  We’ll quickly evaluate the situation to determine how much cooling you need and offer purchase and rental options to find your best solution.  AirPac’s portable air conditioners roll into place and begin cooling in minutes.

From pricing to delivery to performance, you’ll know exactly where you stand and get exactly what you need with the AirPac Advantage. 

You can count on:

  • Fixed purchase and rental rates, regardless of the season
  • Fast, professional service
  • Dependable equipment

When you need AC units and spot coolers for server rooms and computer room cooling, AirPac is the partner you need to keep your cool.  When the mercury rises and minutes count, you need a dependable partner and problem solver to protect your assets.  Call AirPac – we make it our business to keep your business cool.