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Rent Electric Heaters for Commercial, Tent and Military Sites

Need to rent heaters? 

Rent-Portable-Electric-HeatersDon’t let heat-related emergencies or construction delays interfere with your productivity.  Don’t waste time when you need portable heater rentals.  Now you can rent them across the USA with just one call.  

Call AirPac when you need event heaters… even emergency heaters.  We’ll quickly evaluate your heating problem and give you specs and pricing.  You can count on AirPac for dependable, efficient, easy to use portable electric heaters. 

AirPac’s commercial heaters are safe to use whether you need portable heaters for warehouses, industrial plants, event tent heating, or reliable construction site heaters.   Eliminate the hazards of gas and propane heaters. 

Electric heater rental is safe and reliable:

  • Clean electric heat – no fumes or moisture
  • No re-fueling or venting needed
  • Safe to use in small spaces
  • High temperature rise
  • Easy set-up and safe to use in all environments

Rental heaters are perfect for many applications:

  • Construction sites – concrete pours, masonry work, painting & finishing
  • Offices and warehousesElectric Heater Rentals
  • Industrial applications
  • Heating, drying and ventilation
  • Emergency heat
  • Disaster relief
  • Special events
  • Entertainment / Location Shoots

When you need to rent portable heaters AirPac is the partner you need.  From pricing to delivery to performance, you’ll know exactly where you stand and get exactly what you need with the AirPac Advantage. 

You can count on:

  • Fixed purchase and rental rates, regardless of the season
  • Fast, professional service
  • Dependable equipment