David Ring

David Ring

David is AirPac's production manager. He takes charge of production and all of the purchasing, part inventory, freight, and shipping that goes along with it and helps out with AirPac's event and industrial rentals. You can find him in the front office or on the manufacturing floor, and even in an AirPac truck sometimes.

"I enjoy my short commute and getting to see new places and be a part of big events."

David is a Front Royal, Virginia native with over 20 years of industry experience. When he's not at work, David enjoys camping and cheering on his kids' sports teams. He's a Redskins fan and an avid listener of true crime and comedy podcasts. 

What our clients say

"I run a small server room in Houston, TX. I'm a repeat customer of AirPac. I purchased 2 Coolit1000s in 1999 that are still running strong. I purchased a Coolit2000 in June 2002 that is phenomenal. It took 15 minutes to set up and hasn't been shut-off since. The air is as cold today as it was the first day of operation. My cooling needs keep increasing so now I'm back to purchase a Coolit3300. My sales rep was friendly and knowledgeable. It took 15 minutes to place my order and 24 hours later it was on a truck heading my way. I couldn't ask for more. Thank you AirPac."

S. Jumper, ERealty.com

"We are an academic research lab conducting research in forest pathology. Specifically we are working on Sudden Oak Death. The microbe responsible for this disease grows best at low temperatures, around 60 degrees F. Our lab is housed in an old building  - freezing in the winter and sweltering in the summer. We are on the top floor, with a  southwestern exposure. Because our organism can’t survive at these “extreme” temperatures, we needed to find an AC unit that could cool our lab. When the AirPac showed up, we laughed because it is so HUGE, but it has done its job well and kept us operating normally. Thank you AirPac!"

A. Smith, UC Berkeley

“We sure do love working with the AirPac team for these winter events! The barn was heated very well and the cooks tent was nice and toasty. We absolutely appreciate the hard work and dedication AirPac has to their clients and we have a sense of relief when they're around.”

Kim J.
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