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Meet Marlin Spencer

My story

describe the imageI grew up on a farm in York County, Pennsylvania and was put to work early delivering papers, picking fruits and vegetables, working as a janitor, and not trying in school.

On my 18th birthday I volunteered for active duty in the US Army and went to infantry school were we learned to dodge bullets and function on 4 hours sleep. With limited options available to an infantryman I decided to volunteer for Airborne training, then Special Forces training. While a green beret I was crossed trained as a communications operator and found a new passion in electronics and communications. Several of us were chosen for a new kind of training called Special Operations and afterwards spent much of our remaining service commitment deployed.  

Using my GI Bill benefits I managed to graduate from Arizona State University in six years instead of the usual four. A feat easily accomplished given the demands of The College of Engineering, working part time, beautiful weather, and having more fun than should be allowed!  

Since graduation I have fully utilized my acquired life skills and tireless work ethic to design, develop, build, and deliver the highest quality, most versatile tent conditioning solutions available. An intense passion for being the best continues to drive me to provide top quality equipment and professional services to move AirPac to the position as market leader.

Life outside AirPac

With my wife and 3 children we enjoy “the usual stuff”; college sports, fixing things, gardening, food, hiking (did I really say that?), chillin’ by the pool, and travelling.  My motto has always been anywhere, anyplace, any time!  Sleeping that is.

And Beyond

Working since 11, I don’t think I will ever retire.  I love the wind on my face so I guess I’ll keep moving.