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Meet Tina Behnke Spencer

DSCF9675 Tina 2     My story

Seems there's no beginning or end to AirPac; just a big neverending circle.  And that's the way I like it!  AirPac feels like family...because it is!  I'm blessed -- not cursed ;-) -- to work in a family-owned business. 

Content creation and is my main gig these days.  If it's on the website, any social media platform, in an eBook, video or presentation, then I get the praise or blame.  AirPac's digital presence is one motivation to get me out of bed in the morning. 

A self-proclaimed perfectionist, it's hard to admit that I'll never know it all but I'm having fun trying to evaluate and master each new tool and technology as they emerge.

When I have free time -- because there's never enough new content to create HAHA -- I provide customer support and do whatever is needed to keep the office out of crisis mode.

Before life at AirPac, (you'll have to figure out HOW long before!) I enjoyed four awesome years at James Madison University where I double majored in Management Information Systems and Economics.  Learned so much working for large consulting firms in the DC area but decided I didn't want to do the corporate crawl forever. 

An entrepreneur and cheerleader at heart, the do-whatever-it-takes, nail-biting, thrill ride pace of a small family-owned business is what makes my heart skip a beat.  There is never a dull moment.  Ever.

Life outside AirPac

Yes, there is one.  I'm a wife, mother of three incredible young adults (daughter in college and twin sons seniors in high school), accidental dog lover, family social director, party planner, and travel organizer.  At home, I'm in the kitchen or garden and can ALWAYS find something else to do besides clean the house.

What I love about working at AirPac

Every season brings a new set of challenges and I love having the freedom to make mistakes but the authority and responsibility to correct them.  Having a paid week off between Christmas and New Year is pretty cool, too! 

On my bucket list

This is the list that keeps growing!  Here are just a few items...

  • Hike the Appalachian Trail for at least a week
  • Stay in an ice hotel in Canada or Iceland
  • Take a family vacation on a Dude Ranch in Wyoming or Montana
  • Have AirPac partners in every European country and Caribbean Island so I can go visit to create case studies and white papers!