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3 Important Questions to Ask Your Venue

Posted by: Marlena Spencer on Sep 17, 2021
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Touring venues can be so overwhelming and booking one is the biggest decision when it comes to your wedding day. We want your big day to go off without a hitch which is why we recommend asking these 3 questions before you book. The answers will have a big impact on how to plan the rest of your event.

brandy hill 2017 (21)1. "When can we/vendors start setting up for the event? And when do we need to have everything cleared out?" 

This question is so important to ask because it will help you and your planner (if you have one) form a timeline for your wedding day. It's important for your vendors to know these times as well so they can plan accordingly.

2. "Who is the best person to contact the day of?"

Similarly, ask if the venue will have someone on site. This way if something goes wrong or isn't working the day of (God forbid) you will know who to contact to have it resolved as quickly as possible.

3. "Is there an approved vendor list?"

Many venues have lists they provide to potential clients with vendors that have worked there before. Ask what the protocol is for hiring a vendor that is not included on the list.

There are so many more questions you should ask your venue, check out this list! These are the ones that your other vendors are going to want to know the answers to and when everyone is informed and on the same page, the event goes much more smoothly.

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