So you've decided on a barn as the location for your wedding. Fantastic! Now here comes all the fun, aesthetic decisions. Deciding on an overall look/theme for your event is going to make things look...

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  • What's Your Barn Wedding Style?
  • 2021 was a whirlwind year for weddings and events. Between deciphering local and state laws regarding masks and gathering sizes to venues and vendors being fully booked with rescheduled weddings from...

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  • 10 Wedding Trends for 2022
  • Almost all businesses do some type of recycling. Maybe it’s the foil and food cans in the lunch room trash or perhaps the stack of paper by the printer that gets recycled because you printed an extra...

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  • How AirPac Recycles
  • Planning a wedding can be so much fun! However, it can definitely be overwhelming, too. Spring, summer, and early fall are beautiful seasons to have your wedding outside but there are lots of things...

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  • The Ultimate Outdoor Wedding Planning Guide
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