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Top 10 Spot Cooling Applications

Posted by: Tina Behnke on Sep 29, 2011

Spot cooling is an effective solution for a wide range of cooling problems. These compact portable air conditioners can be used just about anywhere.  Here's a list of our top 10.

Top-10-Spot-Cooling-ApplicationsTop 10 Spot Cooling Applications: 

  1. Small server rooms -- Don't depend on the building central HVAC system that may shut down after hours and on weekends.  Add extra cooling you control exactly where needed to keep servers cool 24/7. 

  2. Data center hot spots -- Concentrated heat-generating equipment is a breeding ground for hot spots.  No matter how much you plan the data center layout and design, things change.  Spot coolers can help you keep your cool and alleviate the hot spots. 

  3. Telecommunication closets -- The room that's too small to be an office but too large for a closet usually becomes home to the telecommunications equipment!  Small portable air conditioners are perfect for cooling in tight spaces.

  4. Commercial office spaces -- Spot coolers are perfect for employees that work after hours or on weekends when the building cuts back the central HVAC. 

  5. Warehouses -- Workers are more productive in a comfortable environment.  OSHA requires mandatory breaks with extended periods of excessive temperatures.

  6. Production shoots -- On location shoots can be demanding in summer heat and humidity.  Portable spot coolers keep jobs on schedule.

  7. Restaurants -- A hot dining room and customers will walk out.  Keep your diners comfortable when the air conditioning breaks down.

  8. Retail shops -- A closed store means no business.  Keep your customers comfortable with spot coolers when the central system goes down. 

  9. Labs and hospitals -- Patient care and lab environments often require critical cooling.  Portable air conditioners are used maximize patient comfort and lab usage.

  10. Special events -- Tented events can be cooled with temporary air conditioners.  Any tent or temporary structure can be conditioned to offer a comfortable environment for guests.

These ten areas should only be a starting point. From NFL sidelines to CIA data centers, there are many areas that benefit from the spot cooling. It is an easily customizable, energy efficient and economic option that makes sense for organizations of any size. 

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