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4 Natural Disaster Recovery Tips Every Emergency Manager Needs to Know

Posted by Tina Behnke

Whether your business is large or small, every business needs an Emergency Manager.  Even if you're a solopreneur.  If you want your business to survive, someone HAS to know what to do in the event of a natural disaster.

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25 Best Twitter Accounts to Follow for Facility Managers

Posted by Tina Behnke

Twitter may have been developed as a social media platform but it has evolved to become a business networking tool as well. With more and more facility management companies and experts realizing the benefits of tweeting, access to industry news is just a few follows away.

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How Server Room Cooling Can Save Your Business

Posted by Tina Behnke

Often, we believe that our regular air conditioning system can deliver a steady flow of cool air, and it does. But server room cooling is different.  Server rooms need more cooling power to keep the temperature down and prevent the server from overheating.

One of the biggest concerns of any company dependent on computers should be server room cooling and how to maintain the right temperature at all times. We all know that heat is bad when it comes to any server's life span. Losing a server due to overheating is a huge setback with a huge cost.  The good news?  Losing a server due to excessive heat is preventable!

It’s possible that your building's AC may not be adequate in keeping a constant temperature in your server rooms. An alternative system should be put in place in case of an emergency or as a supplement to your existing cooling system.

Technology experts believe the temperature range that is beneficial for a server room is between 64.4F and 80.6F. If your facility’s air conditioning system is not sufficient in keeping that temperature range in the server room additional units are necessary to keep your business running smoothly.

There are a few tips to seeking server room cooling help:

  1. Purchase or rent a portable air conditioning unit or rent a spot cooler for your server rooms
  2. Make sure to rent it through professionals who can analyze your specific situation and come up with an effective cooling plan for your server room.
  3. Avoid the temptation of running out to a big box store to pick up a couple of small portable AC units that are intended for residential cooling. There is a difference between residential and commercial portable air conditioners! Trust experienced professionals with a history in the business of keeping server rooms cool can recommend a plan with the right equipment. 

Don't risk seeing the blinking cursor and blank screen of a server blow out.  Take the time invest in getting the right equipment for your server room. Few things are worse for any business than a total melt down of the computer system.

Take a minute and contact us to find out what we can do to help keep your servers (and ultimately, your business) up and running.


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50 Best Twitter Accounts to follow for Planning Outdoor Weddings

Posted by Tina Behnke

Imagine having to convey a creative idea in a sentence! Communicating a special event idea through Twitter in 140 characters or less challenges the creativity and communication skills of professionals in the event planning industry.  Describing a tent, color scheme, or an entire event suddenly becomes a daunting task when it must be done in so few words. 

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Topics: Tent Air Conditioning, Outdoor Weddings

How to Keep Server Room Cooling Costs Down

Posted by Tina Behnke

Server room cooling is important if you want to make sure that your equipment, and more importantly data, isn't damaged or lost due to heat failure. For smaller server rooms, it's often one of the commonly overlooked tasks in the IT department because people tend to think of "temperature control" as a facility manager task.  That's an argument for another post!

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Topics: Server Room Cooling, Data Center Cooling, Emergency Server Room Cooling

How to Cool Corporate Special Event Tents

Posted by Tina Behnke

Many companies host outdoor special events each year. Perhaps you host an employee appreciation picnic once the weather gets nicer, an annual celebration to show your customers how much you enjoy their business, or maybe a product launch to introduce your awesome new product that's going to take the market by storm or a big announcment and introduction of leadership like in this air conditioned corporate special event tent at Audi's US HQ office in Herndon, VA.

Let's stop for a minute a think back to your last outdoor event. You wanted to be prepared in case of rain, so you had it under a tent. The food was great, the band you hired was perfect, and everything seemed to be falling into place. You had to hand it to your event planners because they were really on top of things. Well...maybe except for one thing. 

It was hot. It was humid. Just a muggy mess!

Of course, you had no way of knowing that you would be choosing one of the most humid, hot, uncomfortable days of the year. Even so, you found yourself wishing that you had made different arrangements to make your guests more comfortable. The tent was a source of welcome shade, but it was pretty stuffy in there, which made your celebration a little bit less pleasant.

The one guest you can ALWAYS count on for outdoor events is Mother Nature!

When the environment is uncomfortable, that's usually the ONE thing guests remember. 

Not the incredible food -- which will be more likely to spoil and pose a health risk.

Not the awesome band or DJ -- cuz it's just too blazing hot to dance.

Not the drinks -- which you probably ran out of because it was so hot and the ice melted.

This year, be sure to plan for the heat as well as the rain by cooling the event tent and providing a comfortable and safe environment for your guests. Here are tips on how to keep tents cool without using air conditioners.  You can even rent tent air conditioners to control the climate inside the tent.

Choosing a different location for your event this year is one option, of course, but there's something about taking advantage of the great outdoors that really makes a nice event even better. And with tent air conditioning you can make your guests comfortable and offer the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and the beautiful surroundings.

What will people remember the most about your event this year?

Will it be that the catering company you hired to provide the food did a fantastic job?

Will it be that your corporate presentation was spot-on, and it gave the executives in your company the idea that maybe you deserve a promotion?

Will it be that your employees really do feel appreciated, and they want to do an even better job for you in the coming year?

No matter what they remember, when you've provided air conditioning for them, they will definitely not remember how hot they were. That's a major bonus for you and your event. 

If you're interested in knowing more about choosing a tent cooling option for your upcoming event, we'd love to talk with you. Give us a call, and we'll give you an estimate!


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4 Dirty Little Secrets About the Tent Air Conditioning Industry

Posted by Tina Behnke

It's time to come clean and spill the beans. We're going to divulge the dirty little secrets about the tent air conditioning industry.  The stuff no one else is talking about.

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Electric Heaters for Construction Sites Prevent "Cold Stress"

Posted by Tina Behnke

Those in the construction industry are accustomed to working with the weather. If it's the hottest day on record, the rainiest day on record, the middle of a blizzard, or frigidly cold, those on the construction site are trained to work around it, work through it, or wait it out.

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Topics: Portable Electric Heaters, Construction Heater Rental, Electric Heater Rental

Data Center Cooling (Even When it's Cold Outside)

Posted by Tina Behnke

You might think keeping a data center or server room functionally cool gets much easier when outdoor temperatures drop. Ha!  In fact, cold weather brings a new set of challenges to data center cooling--particularly when trying to keep one room cool and all the surrounding rooms warm. Let's look specifically at the right solution or cooling system for the job.

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Topics: Server Room Cooling, Spot Cooler Rental, Data Center Cooling

8 Safety Tips for Electric Heater Rental

Posted by Tina Behnke

It happens on every construction project and at every commercial facility in the winter months.  Mother nature throws a curve ball and moderate temps take a nose dive.

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Topics: Portable Electric Heaters, Rent Portable Heaters, Electric Heater Rental