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Steve Jobs' Lessons for the Tent Air Conditioning Industry

Posted by: Tina Behnke on Oct 6, 2011

Take a few minutes and watch this brief retrospective on Steve Jobs' life.  Once you process all that he has done in his career, you may feel like you're standing still.  I do. I can honestly say it's taken most of the day to draft this post because I keep getting side tracked by more tributes to and updates on Steve Jobs and the legendary legacy he built.  Jobs certainly didn't have anything to do with tent air conditioning (as far as I know!) but regardless of the industry you work/breathe/live in, there is a lesson for us all.

I'll admit it....

I don't have a MAC -- I'm a PC gal. 

I don't own an iPod.  Each of my three children own one.  At times, I think it has become a permanent appendage that requires surgical removal.

I don't own an iPhone.  Gimme' a break - we've been with Sprint forever so that's my excuse.

I don't own an iPad.  My husband has one that seems to land in the family room for communal use.  WOW is that iPad super fast and easy to check Facebook (checking on my kids, of course!) search the web or just browse through pictures that get uploaded by... who knows, everyone but me.

So what is my takeaway from Steve Jobs extraordinary life? 

Be bold.  Do things differently.  If there's a better way, find it.  Celebrate your uniqueness and follow your passion.

What are Steve Jobs' lessons for AirPac and the tent air conditioning industry?

We're the "little guy" compared to industry giants like Aggreko and Kohler.  We think we have a better way to cool small to mid-size tents and events. 

Our approach to air conditioning a tent is different and that's OK.

We have a better way to cool an event tent and mobile command centers.

You can be sure we'll forge passionately ahead with our new approach, products and a whole lot of attitude!

Steve Jobs' lessons for life and living will impact more people and industries than he could have imagined.  God bless that man.  God bless his family.  We are all better because of his genius and his ability to share and communicate his vision.


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