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6 Vital Components of a Successful Data Center -- Data Center Cooling is One of 'Em

Posted by: Tina Behnke on Nov 4, 2011

I admit it.  I AM ADDICTED TO INFOGRAPHICS!  I'm a visual thinker and there's no better way for me to wrap my head around facts or numbers than a beautiful, information-packed infographic.  This one even includes data center cooling so it's, well, super cool!


6 Components of a Successful Data Center

  1. The Room -- You need a list of equipment and equipment vendors in order to figure out how the room will be configured.

  2. Monitoring -- A monitoring tool will help the Data Center Manager control the equipment and the environment for peak performance.  Actually, it's best to monitor the data center before you plan any changes so you know what to plan for.

  3. Redundancy & Disaster Recovery -- PLAN for the worst!  Better to plan and prevent than repair and repent!  No plan in place?  Get started on your Data Center Backup Plan today.

  4. Storage -- Your data is often more valuable than the hardware and software so make sure physical storage concerns are addressed.

  5. Power -- Make sure you have adequate electrical power to run all the hardware and support equipment.  Mission-critical devices are often supported by Uniterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) that will not only clean and filter the power but also provide battery backup for ride through during brownouts and continuous operation or orderly shutdown during power outage.

  6. Data Center Cooling -- Power and cooling are the backbone of the data center!  There are many different cooling options available and the facility and data center managers should work together to find the optimal solution.  Be sure to have a plan for emergency cooling to handle the heat load when the primary computer room air conditioner (CRAC) units are not working.

So what do you think?  The infographic makes it so much easier to digest the information, don't you agree?  On the subject of easy... have you tried listening to our blog posts?  Just click on the link with the Toucan in the upper right and you can hear the blog posts while working, driving or exercising... whenever it works for you!

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