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Save Money on Air Conditioning & Heating with These Energy Saving Tips - Guest Blog Post

Posted by: Tina Behnke on Nov 10, 2011

The good folks at United Home Experts in Massachusets have put together some tips to help ease the pain as you pay to heat and cool your home and office. 

Save-Money-on-Air-ConditioningIf you're the one who pays the bills then you're quite aware the cost of energy has risen dramatically over the past 5 years.  Heating and cooling the average home or business has become a larger budget line which means it's worthy of our attention.  Having properly functioning heating and cooling systems is essential to keeping energy costs low, but it doesn't stop there.  Here are a few more tips to lower your bills.

How efficient are my windows and doors?

If your windows and doors are more than 15 years old, there's a good chance there's some savings to be had in this category.   Are there gaps in the trim around your windows? On a cold day is it chilly near the windows?  If so, consider replacement windows and new doors.  Besides energy efficiency there are other benefits to consider when deciding whether or not to replace your windows doors.  New windows and doors will also upgrade the look of your home or business, be easier to opperate, and in many cases easier to maintain and clean.

Insulate your attic pull-down

Many homes and small businesses have an attic pull-down staircase, and more often then not, it's not insulated.  Studies have shown this can lower the cost to heat a building by $200-$300 per year on average.  As we learned in grade school science class--heat rises.  As the heat which you already paid for rises, it finds the path of least resistance which is often the attic stair case.  Purchase a pre-made insulation bubble or build one yourself.

Consider a "Cool Roof"

No, not a cool roof like "hey that's cool"-- "cool" using reflective properties to lower the amount of heat that's absorbed from the sun.  Of course this is most applicable in climates where cooling is more of an expense than heating. If you live in a hotter climate, consider a brighter colored, more reflective roof product which will decrease your cooling costs.  This is not a change I would recommend if your roof is still in good working order.  However, if you were already considering a roof replacement, then consider a lighter colored roof as an added bonus. Any local roofing contractors can provide you wilh more details about your options.

Energy efficient improvements can lead to savings of hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars per year. If energy prices continue to rise, your smart choices today will become even more valuable tomorrow.

Peter Martino is the Marketing Director for United Home Experts a Massachusetts siding contractor, window installer, roofing company, and house painter.  United Home Experts specializes in low-maintenance energy efficient improvements for homeowners in New England.

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