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2012 HVAC Industry Outlook Optimistic - Ditto for Spot Coolers

Posted by: Tina Behnke on Dec 5, 2011

2012-HVAC-Industry-Outook-ImprovingDon't know about you but I'm not superstitious and don't put much stock in fortunetelling.  One thing I know for sure is that we'll be seeing all kinds of predictions and forecasts for 2012 as the year draws to a close.  The AHR Expo folks conducted a survey of more than 1000 exhibitors worldwide and a whopping 72% or respondents expect improvement in 2012.  Pretty impressive!

What else did the respondents have to say about the business climate in the upcoming year? 

Here's the results recap for the HVAC Industry Economic Outlook in 2012:

  • 82% expect sales to increase with 29% anticipating an increase of more than 10%.

  • 76% believe there is pent-up industry demand for new products.

  • Industry segments where strongest demand is expected are Light Commercial (24%), Heavy Commercial (13%), Industrial (26%), Residential (26%), and Institutional (11%).

  •  Industry categories where strongest demand is expected are New Construction (37%), Replacement (36%), and Renovation/Upgrade (26%).

Read the article by The News to get the scoop first hand. 

Soooo what do you think about these stats? 

Is this really a good sign or was 2011 so crummy that any whisper of growth would be an improvement?

Time will tell and here's hoping we can ride out the process to see the results.

From our viewpoint, I can tell you that we had a record year for spot cooler rentals and sales of portable air conditioners held steady.  That would seem to support the idea behind the pent-up demand.  Will businesses be more likely to make purchase decisions in 2012 rather than rent temporary air conditioning to get through the crisis cooling season? 

We're here to help with your business air conditioning and heating needs.  Just contact us and we'll be glad to evaluate your needs and propose a solution.  After all, "Our Business is Cooling and Heating Yours."

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What are you seeing in the HVAC Industry?  I'm interested in your input so comment and let me know.

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