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9 Resources Every IT Manager Must Have for Spot Cooling Emergencies

Posted by: Tina Behnke on Jun 26, 2012

IT-Manager-Spot-Cooling-EmergencyIT Managers have a tough job.  Thankless too, much of the time.  Think about it.  They work in a constantly changing environment where they have to please end users, work within the constraints of the building envelope and answer to executives to report efficiencies and utilization.

Ugghhhh.... a job I would not want for love or money!  Ok.  Maybe a LOT of money.

Here's a list of must have resources to help the over-worked IT Manager solve a spot cooling emergency.

  1. Building Manager Contact Information -- Put the name and number of the building manager on a Post-it note, on your phone, heck, if you still use a Rolodex, make sure you have it there!

  2. Data Center Critical Equipment Contractor Information -- If your IT environment includes a contained data center then there's probably another level of facility management you need to be intimately familiar with. Make sure you have the emergency numbers for the contractor responsible for the data center air conditioners.

  3. Air Conditioning Contractors of America contractor selector -- If your company owns the building or space, you may not have a regular contractor on speed dial.  ACCA's find a contractor service will recommend contractors based on the type of work they do and the markets they serve.  All you do is enter your zip code!

  4. Working knowledge of basic HVAC terms -- Here's a primer for server room air conditioning terms that will help IT Managers understand some of the facility manager and HVAC contractor trade lingo.

  5. List of non-essential equipment -- Keep an up-to-date spread sheet listing servers, switches, routers that can be shut down if the temperature creeps up. 

  6. List of heat-sensitive equipment -- You may have servers or data drives that are less tolerant of temperature spikes.  If so, keep a list of this equipment so you can initiate an orderly shut down before the equipment crashes.

  7. List of Organizational Contacts -- If you are having air conditioning problems and IT equipment and processes will be impacted, let your users know.  Keep a current list of divisional heads so you can inform them about the work interruption.  Go ahead and create an email list with these contacts.

  8. Email template for mass communication -- Now that you have your organizational contact list, just shoot them a quick email.  Nothing fancy -- a "fill in the blank" format.  If you prepare the template ahead of time, it will be less hectic when you're in the middle of the crisis.  Just include a short message about the work interruption, an estimate for when the problem will be resolved, and a contact name and number for questions.

  9. Determine Spot Cooling Needs -- If emergency cooling is needed, this 10 tips for quick emergency spot cooling list will help.  You'll be prepared and have the information needed by the spot cooling specialist you call.

Now that you've read this far, go ahead and get started on preparing your Server Room Backup Cooling Plan.  We're here to help, if you need emergency cooling.  We're just a click or call away. 

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