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YaGottaSee Audi's AMAZING 2-story Air Conditioned Tent

Posted by: Tina Behnke on Jul 3, 2012

You've heard of car envy, right?  What about tent envy? 

I'm not talkin' about your ordinary fabric structure.  I'm talkin' about beautiful, modern, stream-lined, 2-story Losberger US structures with balconies, stairs, and glass walls.  Add in state-of-the-art graphics, sound systems and tent air conditioners and you have an event venue that is the envy of all event planners!  After all, you have to make sure guests are entertained and comfortable in these upscale structures!

Now here's the kicker -- combine the two.  Stay with me now...  Let's couple sleek, fast cars with an amazing 2-story air conditioned tent.  The result -- The Audi Experience Hospitality Suite.

Start your engines and get ready for some major car AND tent envy!  Watch this one minute video.

Not sure if you'll need tent air conditioing or heating?  No worries.  And no need to install both air conditioners AND heaters.  Tent HVAC is heating and air conditioning.  The perfect comfort control solution for those 2-season days when you have a bit of chill in the morning and after the sun goes down but when the sun warms mid-day the air conditioning better be blasting!

Believe me, not all the tents we condition are these mega-structures.  Every event is special and and we're happy to help air condition and heat everything from back yard pole tents to clear span event tents.  We'll work with you to recommend the tent cooling and heating solution that will work best for your event.


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