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Our Cover Options

Posted by: Marlena Spencer on Jun 14, 2021
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The next decision after deciding to get air conditioning for your event is what cover option to go with. Our event units have four covers to choose from depending on your event and style. The covers are no extra charge! They are included in your package. Whether your event is a black tie gala in a tent or a rustic, casual barn wedding, we have a cover for you! 


This cover option is all dressed up in white with back corners and louvres. This two-tone cover is popular with corporate events and fundraisers. 

Tent Wall White

This cover option is perfect for when you want the units to blend in with white tent side walls. This is our most popular cover for weddings and special events in tents. They blend in so well!

Barn Wood

We created this cover option to blend in with rustic barn walls. With wood-grained sides and black accents, they are always a hit with our barn wedding couples and blend in seamlessly with old and new barns. They are so discreet for photos!


All black everything. This is a sleek cover option that is popular with our clients that are cooling a stage or set, especially backstage areas at concerts and festivals. These would work well for industrial event spaces like converted warehouses that might not have enough or any air conditioning.

Same units, just different outfits! We strive to not only provide cool, comfortable air but also be as inconspicuous and effective as possible, providing you and your guests with a comfortable environment with little noise and discreet design. Contact us to discuss cooling your summer event!

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