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Temperatures are Rising, So are Coronavirus Cases

Posted by: Marlena Spencer on Jul 8, 2020
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Summer is in full swing, and so is the heat and humidity. With increased cases of Covid-19 reported throughout the country, hospitals, medical facilities, and testing sites are still feeling the pressure of the pandemic. Without a reliable air conditioning system, buildings and tents can get stifling and uncomfortable. Hospitals and other health care centers rely on heating and cooling systems to keep their patients and busy staff comfortable. If something ever happened to the cooling systems during the summer, people's health would be at risk. Portable air conditioners can serve as the protective barrier from a hospital having to face dangerously high temperatures.Winchester Medical Center Testing Tent

Any type of medical facility needs the building to be at a cool temperature because of the heat sensitive equipment they use. Those working in a lab environment must deal with sensitive chemicals and medicines that might react differently to a sudden temperature change, especially heat. While a patient's physical comfort is the priority, research labs and other locations that house medical equipment must be properly cooled.

The areas where patient records and other important information are kept also matter a great deal. Patients' medical histories are filed into a computer system and like any type of computer system, the temperature must be kept low enough so that the computers do not overheat. If this information is lost, vital facts about how to diagnose and treat patients will not be available. Doctors will not be able to properly take care of their patients’ health and that can cause major repercussions.

There are always multiple heat waves that come with the summer. Medical centers need to be prepared for times when emergency cooling systems or extra air conditioning units are necessary, whether it is because of a failure in the main system or more admissions due to Covid-19. Whether a medical center needs extra cooling for intensive care patients, a heat wave is expected to blow out the system's central cooling system, or a hospital simply needs an emergency cooling system, having a plan for portable air conditioners is necessary for any type of health care center. While backup cooling systems and portable units may not seem like they can do a lot of work, you might be amazed how effective and convenient they can be.

Portable air conditioners are important for the health and well being of all hospital patients as well as doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, and staff. If you are interested in learning more about an emergency cooling system for your medical facility, contact us today. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have and put a plan in place to put your mind at ease.

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