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What's Your Tent Wedding Style?

Posted by: Marlena Spencer on Jul 5, 2022
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So you've decided on a tent as the location for your wedding. Fantastic! Now here comes all the fun, aesthetic decisions. Deciding on an overall look/theme for your event is going to make things look more cohesive and intentional. Plus, committing to a style can make all the smaller decisions easier as you have a vision to guide you. Here are the most popular tent wedding styles.


Modern wedding tent style has become super popular with the rise of minimalism. Modern can mean so many things and it doesn't have to be cold. Different textures, interesting lines, and structured florals add excitement to a clean, simple design. This style is often achieved with a streamlined color scheme, sophisticated, modern fashions, and a clean design.Untitled design (8)


Boho weddings are super trendy and have always been popular, and with good reason! This style is very versatile and can easily be dressed up or down. You can really tailor this aesthetic to your personal style whether its beachy boho, country boho, or woodsy boho. This style is often achieved with macramé accents, pampas grass, and trendy touches like cacti or succulent plants.Tent Style Boho


This style is very popular and it truly stands the test of time. Classic, subdued hues, romantic florals, and refined details elevate tented spaces and create an intimate celebration. Elegant tent style is often achieved with chandeliers, fabric draping, and glam tablescapes. We love a sailcloth tent for this look!Tent Style Elegant

Glam and Art Deco

Glitz, glam, and sparkles are what you want to incorporate into your big day! Inspiration might come from the Great Gatsby, art deco architecture like the Chrysler building, the glitter of New Years Eve. This style is often achieved by luxurious accents like champagne walls, chandeliers, metallic accents, and unexpected entertainment. Tent style Glam

Retro and Vintage

This style is sure to make an impression on your guests, especially older ones! Gather inspiration from your favorite historical movies, shows, photos, artwork, and music. Add in period accents like a gramophone, vintage furniture, and a retro car for your send off. Tent Style Vintage


This style is inspired by one of the couple's interests or a special place for the couple. A nautical wedding inspired by the Maryland shore, a ranch wedding inspired by the southwest, or an elegant wedding inspired by the couple's engagement in Paris, the possibilities and inspiration are endless! This style adds so much personality and gives the guests a personal touch. These styles are achieved by color palettes inspired by architecture, nature, and stylized accents (southwest rugs/blankets, nautical touches, local menu).Tent Style Regional

There are so many ways to tailor each of these styles to your personality! Tents are blank canvases for you to paint your wedding dreams. Pinterest, The Knot, and real wedding sites like Martha Stewart and Style Me Pretty are great resources to see some inspiration if a plain, white tent is a little intimidating. No matter if you choose an intimate, elegant wedding under a sailcloth tent or a bold, modern wedding under a clear top tent, we can keep you comfortable with cooling or heating for your special day. Contact us to learn more about our tent climate control.

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