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3 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Building’s HVAC System

Posted by: Marlena Spencer on May 24, 2021
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It seems to be a hard truth that the air conditioning system always goes down when you need it the most. To make matters worse, technicians are usually busy dealing with so many other buildings with the same issue that they can't get to yours for a while. After many office buildings sat empty for almost a year, you want to make sure your system can keep your returning employees cool and comfortable. While you may not be able to avoid replacing your old AC system, we can help you keep your building cool while you make that transition with our portable, temporary air conditioners.

Is it time to replace your building's HVAC system? Here's 3 signs that you should consider it:IMG_3595-1

You can't find the parts or a technician to fix it.

You've called around to suppliers, manufacturers, and technicians. The suppliers and manufacturers regretfully tell you they don't carry those parts anymore or they don't even make them anymore. 

The temperatures vary greatly in your building.

Are some areas roasting while others are freezing? Make sure there's nothing obstructing the airflow first. If the airways are clear and there are still large temperature differences, your system might just need to be replaced.

The indoor air quality seems stale.

After the last year, we all take germs and unhealthy air much more seriously. Before you assume you need a whole new system, check to make sure your air is filtering properly. Your HVAC system should be producing air that is clean and easy to breathe. If you and your employees are finding the air humid, stale, and maybe even some feel sick, it might be time to replace your system. 

We know that there is no time for downtime this summer. We are all eager to get back to business as usual so don't let replacing your HVAC system hold you back! Contact us to rent temporary and portable air conditioners for your commercial and retail needs while you replace your old system. 

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