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8 Things to Think About if you are Having a Barn Wedding

Posted by: Marlena Spencer on May 13, 2021
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Barns have become very popular venues in the last 5 years. From historic barns with 100 year old foundations to brand new, fully modernized barns, the potential of these structures is almost limitless. While barns have a lot of positives, like their rural ands scenic settings and their ability to fit large groups of people, they can require a lot of extra planning. We rounded up eight key things to think about when designing your big day.

Tranquility Farms Air ConditioningPower and Water

Your DJ or band will need power and caterers will need access to both water and power to provide their services. Check with your location if they have access to sufficient power and clean, potable water at the barn. Also, make sure there is enough power for all the devices your vendors might need. All that sound equipment requires a lot of watts! 


It's not pretty to think about but it is oh so necessary. Bathrooms are a non-negotiable for obvious reasons. If your barn venue does not have restrooms make sure you discuss where the restroom trailer will go. Keep in mind that you want them to be close by and easy to get to. No one wants to stumble around in the dark with a full bladder!


You definitely want to have a parking area that is clearly marked for your guests and vendors. Make sure your venue can accommodate enough cars and the walk from the parking area to the barn is well lit and not too difficult to navigate! 

Transport for Tipsy Guests

Let's face it, there's always someone who celebrates a little too much. Make sure your inebriated guests can get back to their accommodations safely with provided transport if your venue is remote. Cabs and Ubers might not service the area.

Wheelchair Access

Make sure older relatives and persons with disabilities can navigate your celebration safely and with ease. For barn weddings this often means a barn with no stairs between the celebration space and the restrooms. Make sure the approach to the barn is not too uneven or rocky, too.

Gaps in Floorboards

Many rustic barns might have floorboards that don't lay flush with each other. This could be for ventilation if the barn was used for agriculture or just age if it's a historic barn. Make sure that you let your guests know if the floorboards may be difficult to navigate in skinnier heels. A thicker heeled shoe is always better for barns because of the rustic environment!


Spring showers and those short afternoon storms in the summer can leave a field or gravel parking lot very soft and muddy. Make sure to ask your venue about how muddy the area gets and what you can do design-wise to keep things as clean and safe as possible.

Climate Control

Make sure you are familiar with the weather during that time of year. Take into account that you and your guests will be dressed up and won't want to be dripping in sweat or freezing cold. The best way to make sure your barn event is comfortable is to contact us to cool or heat your barn wedding! 

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