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5 Things We Need to Know to Cool Your Barn

Posted by: Marlena Spencer on Jul 19, 2021
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All barns aren't the same and no two barns are the same when it comes to cooling them. We've cooled 100 year old barns and newly built barns all over Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. We know that air conditioning can be an intimidating aspect of hosting your wedding in a barn but we're here to help! Here's 5 things we need to know to get you an accurate quote for cooling your barn.


The further the barn, the more it costs due to gas and paying our crew. Lucky for us, there are so many barns within a few hours of our office so this is never too big of a factor.

2. Date and Duration

If you are planning a wedding for a holiday weekend, like the 4th of July, be prepared to contact us well in advance as holiday weekends always book fast. Similarly, cooling for one or two days is priced lower than a week due to the fuel needed to run the air conditioners.

3. Size and Type of Barn

The bigger the barn, the more units it will take to cool it. The other factor at play here is the type of barn. Many older barns have gaps between the wall boards for ventilation when it was actually used as a barn. Newer barns that have been built for events usually have solid walls and even floors, which makes cooling easier since it doesn't dissipate as fast. 

4. Number of Guests

People create heat, and the more guests you have the warmer that barn is going to get, especially in the summer. Think of how hot you've been on a crowded dance floor!

5. Load In Conditions

Barns can be pretty rustic and while our equipment is compact and portable, it is difficult to maneuver in some circumstances. Load in conditions such as stairs, hills, narrow pathways, and loose gravel are tricky for anyone moving large pieces of equipment.

Barns are great venues with a lot of charm and there are so many to choose from in the Virginia area. Even though you want that rustic look, you don't have to sacrifice modern comforts. Contact us to cool your barn event!

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