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3 Reasons Why Restaurant Air Conditioning Matters

Posted by: Marlena Spencer on Jul 15, 2021
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Covid showed the restaurant and retail industry the importance of having clean, healthy air for customers and employees. With many cities returning to normal capacity with lifted mask restrictions, now is the time to make sure your restaurant's air conditioning system is fully functional...especially with these heatwaves! Here's 3 reasons to make certain your HVAC system is running at 100%. If it's not, contact us to get some backup or supplemental cooling in your restaurant.

Cafe2Cooling and Comfort

This one is obvious. If your restaurant isn't cool your employees and your customers will look to other restaurants to work at or dine in. Not only will you lose business but your employees could suffer from health issues if they are working in an environment that is too warm or not properly ventilated.

Air Quality

Air quality in a restaurant is very important as many appliances are running and there are a variety of fumes and smells in the kitchen. Not only can these odors effect your customers but they will really bother your cooks who will be breathing the unfiltered air all day or night.

Food Safety

If your kitchen is too hot, food might spoil or not be presented to the customer in an appetizing manner. An example would be ice cream; even though it is stored in the freezer, it will start to melt pretty fast if your kitchen is hotter than it should be. 

If your restaurant air conditioning is underperforming or not performing at all, give us a call! We have solutions for temporary full restaurant cooling as well as supplemental cooling for just one area. We are so excited to get back to normal, let's make sure your restaurant is prepared!

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