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A Note of Thanks

Posted by: Marlena Spencer on Nov 26, 2020
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2020 hasn't been what anyone expected. A new year and a new decade was exciting! We were wondering what the next decade held for us; what new technologies would we use, what new medical advancements would we make, would we make new discoveries in outer space? Questions like these ran through the minds of many people on December 31, 2019, as we counted down and cheered with champagne.

We had no idea that a pandemic was looming, eventually shutting down borders, stores, restaurants, music festivals, weddings, and events. We had no idea that our lives could change so drastically, so fast. 

We masked up, we got serious about hand washing, and we adapted.

Although this year has been painful socially, financially, and we're all tired of watching the news and logging on to zoom, we can still find things to be thankful for.

  • We can be thankful that we have the technology to keep us connected.
  • We can be thankful for neighbors and friends for their concern for others and helpfulness. 
  • We can be thankful that working from home means that we get to see some very cute pets in the background of Zoom meetings. And we get to spend more time with our own. 
  • We can be thankful that we live in a time when we have multiple streaming services that make "binge-watching" possible.
  • We can be thankful to the medical researchers, universities, and pharmaceutical companies that have worked so tirelessly to develop three (as of right now) working vaccines less than a year so hopefully Thanksgiving 2021 will not look anything like this year.

Finally, at AirPac, we are so so very thankful for all our customers, event, commercial, and industrial. We are thankful for a small but mighty group of employees that have adapted and stayed positive despite the circumstances.

We hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving, wherever you may be and whoever you are with today, in person or virtually!