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More Server Room Construction means More Server Room Cooling

Posted by: Tina Behnke on Feb 24, 2010

Data Center CoolingAs a result of the recession, there is increased demand for construction of new, more reliable, and redudnant infrastructure.  Can you believe it?  I smirked when I read this claim but it makes sense.  Seems centralization, and in some cases outsourcing to off-site hosted facilities, has fueled this trend bringing a greater amount of technology into the data center facility. 

All this "togetherness" can pose a problem for current computer facilities, so there is an increased need to build "bigger and better" data centers.  Check out the article by Steve Kolbe and Eric Silve here

You'll also find helpful tips for "greener computing" on the greenercomputing site.  Not sure if I believe in the science behind global warming... or guess the current terminology is "climate change" to be more PC.  I do believe we should all do our part to minimize our impact on our beautiful, bountiful planet.  Being environmentally concious never hurt anyone!  Plus, makes me feel good when I put out my huge pile for recycling collection!

Bottom line on this trend toward centralized computer facilities is more equipment + more power consumption = more heat generation.  It's important to think about server room cooling.  Want to keep your server room cool?  The article on How to Keep the Server Room Cool has some good ideas.  Let me know what you think.  


Not sure how much cooling you need? 
Download our Clues to BTUS worksheet for your server room. 


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