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HVAC Growth Predicted

Posted by: Tina Behnke on Sep 10, 2010

HVAC Growth PredictedI can't wait to share good news about the North American HVAC market.  The financial services firm J.P. Morgan released their 2010 HVAC Review and Outlook report with bottom line predictions that the residential and commercial sectors will improve. 

What's J.P. Morgan know about air conditioning and heating?  According to Talbot Gee, VP of the Heating, Airconditioning & Refrigeration Distributors International (HARDI), the J.P. Morgan report is one of the most comprehensive reviews of the HVAC industry.

ACHR News & Legislation editor, Kimberly Schwartz, wrote a review of the J.P. Morgan HVAC Outlook report and does an excellent job sprinkling in Gee's commentary to keep those of us in the air conditioning industry from getting too giddy.  In her review, Schwartz presents digestible chunks of information:

  • Residential Outlook
  • Commercial Outlook
  • Policy Outlook

Schwartz' review is easy to read AND understand. 

AirPac certainly does not compete with Trane or Carrier for the residential or commercial markets.  We manufacture niche market portable air conditioners, commonly referred to as spot coolers, that are used for primary, supplemental and emergency cooling.  We often partner with large manufacturers and mechanical contractors to keep their clients cool and provide products and solutions that are unique.

To offer my "little guy on the front line" perspective, I can tell you that we have seen an increase in commercial spot cooler rentals to provide budget-minded companies with the quick fix while they wait to enhance or upgrade current air conditioning systems.  Will this equate to future growth?  Time will tell, but I sure hope so!

Do yourself a favor and download Schwartz' review.

HVAC Outlook Review




I'm interested in hearing what you think.  What are you seeing in the industry?  Comment and let me know.


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