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Air Conditioning Saves Servers....and Lives!

Posted by: Tina Behnke on Sep 24, 2010

Air conditioning is no longer a luxury.  It's a necessity. 

Just walk into any data center or computer facility.  You need a sweater even in the summer!   Spot coolers are used in every industry and application from server room cooling to air conditioning special events.  

Air Conditioning Saves ServersSo I was surprised when I saw the article on Reuters about the California study which determined that "people with air conditioners at home are less likely than their neighbors without the technology to develop serious heat-related illnesses -- including pneumonia, cardiac disease and heat stroke -- during temperature spikes." 

Really?  We need a study for that?  Who paid for that study?  California tax dollars?

Since we manufacture, sell and rent portable air conditioners and portable electric heaters, I'm often searching for stats and figures on extending equipment life and maximizing productivity with proper climate control -- that can mean cooling in the winter for heat-intensive or heat-sensitive environments.  And even heating in the summer for some processes -- how do you think they get rid of bed bugs?  Yuck, you don't want to know.  TRUST me. 

I use this data I collect to educate our prospective clients on the services we provide and let them know how we can help make their work ...well, easier, less work is a good thing.  We love an educated, well-informed customer.

Sadly, heat waves often claim lives.  Even though my income potential depends on critical climate control, I'm glad my time and hard-earned money didn't go toward funding this study.

'Nuf said.  I'm ready for fall here in Virginia.  Perfect two-season days with beautiful fall lots of opportunity to rent portable air conditioners and heaters! 

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