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5 Things to Consider for Construction Heater Rentals

Posted by: Tina Behnke on Feb 3, 2011

Construction Heater Rental













Frigid winter months can freeze construction progress.  Many construction companies rely on construction heater rental to keep tasks on schedule and projects on budget. 

Here are five things to consider before renting construction heaters:

  1. Safety -- workers are an asset and their safety should always be paramount.  OSHA publishes guidelines for keeping construction sites safe.  Click on the link at the end to download the OSHA Health & Safety Construction-related Regulations.
  2. Regulations -- all jurisdictions must comply with local and federal regulations.  Some heaters may require a permit for use depending on the type and location of the construction site.  Be sure to check regulations for direct-fired heaters, since an open flame may be a fire hazard. 
  3. Ventilation -- not all construction sites that benefit from portable heaters are outside.  Heaters are often used inside cold shells to expedite finish work.  If using direct-fired or indirect-fired heaters, be sure there is adequate ventilation.
  4. Power --  whether you choose direct-fired, indirect-fired or portable electric heaters, you will need electricity.  Direct and indirect-fired heaters use natural gas, propane, or fuel oil as a main energy source for heat generation but require electricity for the fans/blowers.  Check to make sure you have adequate utility or generator power.
  5. Reliability -- price should not be the driving factor.  Make sure your rental partner is reliable and will be responsive if you have a failure or malfunction at the job site.  A reliable construction heater and responsive service provider will ensure the safety of workers and keep the project ....progressing!

Yesterday, Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring so you may not need the construction heaters too much longer!  Ahhh... before you know it we'll be enjoying delightful spring weather that leads to the dog days of summer and the need for portable air conditioners and spot coolers!

Construction Heater Rental

Add your construction heater tips here for keeping workers and sites safe and warm.

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