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Cloud Computing = Great Emergency Cooling Plan

Posted by: Tina Behnke on Aug 5, 2011

In a recent post I wrote about how cloud computing can cut data center cooling costs.  There's another benefit.... it's a super Emergency Cooling Plan!  Just think, if you don't have your servers and data on premesis, then you don't have much to lose that can't be easily replaced.  Desks, chairs, and cabinets are nothin', it's the DATA that's so valuable!

All this cloud chatter catches my interest these days because we've been thinking about moving our CRM processing to the cloud.  We're not a big multi-national conglomerate and we don't have 1000s of employees which means we don't have a dedicated IT staff.  So the bulk (who am I kidding, ALL) of the computer software issues/problems fall to ME by default.  If you're guessing I don't have my "happy face" on now, you're right!  I'd rather visit my dentist than deal with network issues!

Just look at this infographic -- the cloud *seems* heavenly!  Far fewer computer issues to deal with.  Not to mention much less need for dedicated server room cooling -- of course, that's not a problem for us!

Have you moved to the cloud?  What savings have you experienced?  Comment here and share, please.


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