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14 Reasons Facility Managers LOVE Spot Coolers on Valentines Day and Every Day

Posted by: Tina Behnke on Feb 14, 2012

Love-Spot-CoolersI'll admit that most people, especially Facility Managers, don't profess their love for (or with) spot coolers.  The fact a Facility Manager has to use spot coolers usually means that something didn't go as planned or worse yet, something FAILED! 

The truth is, spot coolers really can be a Facility Managers "go to" tool for cooling hot spots and keeping clients comfortable and in business!  Problems will arise.  It's how you SOLVE the problems that matters in the long run.

Spot Cooler doubters be gone!  Time to share the Spot Cooler Love for Valentines Day. 

Here are 10 reasons Facility Managers should LOVE SPOT COOLERS:

  1. Spot coolers are PORTABLE and can roll into place in minutes so you can start cooling your hot spot. 
  2. Spot coolers come in different capacities so there is one to fit your cooling needs.
  3. Spot coolers don't need refrigerant tubing runs -- they're self-contained and pre-charged.
  4. The smaller spot coolers are 115VAC and can simply be plugged into a standard outlet to provide cooling in minutes.
  5. The AirPac COOLIT spot coolers come equipped with the condenser air duct that lifts up from the unit -- you don't have to worry about dragging a big duct into the room.
  6. The AirPac COOLIT spot coolers come with two 2.5 gallon condensate tanks AND a condensate pump -- you can use the condensate method that works best for you.
  7. Spot coolers are so easy to move from one emergency cooling situation to the next.
  8. Spot coolers are economical when supplemental cooling is needed and expanding the central system is too costly.
  9. Spot coolers are a quick and economical way to cool areas after hours when the central system cuts back or shuts down.
  10. Spot coolers are an affordable insurance policy for air conditioning outages.
  11. Spot coolers are easy to store when not in use.
  12. Spot coolers are versatile and cool everything from commercial offices to hospitals and labs.
  13. If you don't own spot coolers, you can always rent spot coolers quick cooling.
  14. Spot coolers really are just plain cool... literally!

Still have questions?  Check out What is Spot Cooling?

If you need help figuring out which unit you need then How to size a Spot Cooler should do the trick.

And don't forget, we're just a click or call away and always welcome you questions and concerns.

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