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Spot Cooler's Parent -- Modern Air Conditioning, Celebrates 110th Birthday

Posted by: Tina Behnke on Jul 17, 2012

Happy-Birthday-Willis-CarrierIn the middle of yet ANOTHER heat wave, I pause today to celebrate the 110th birthday of modern day air conditioning!  What would you do without air conditioning?  It's a good thing we don't have to think much about it thanks to Dr. Willis Carrier.

On July 17, 1902, in response to a quality problem at Brooklyn NY's Sackett-Wilhelms Lithographing & Publishing Company, Willis Carrier submitted drawings for what became recognized as the world's first modern air conditioning system.  This 1902 installation marked the birth of air conditioning because of the addition of humidity control.  Authorities in the field determined that air conditioning must perform four basic functions:

1. control temperature

2. control humidity

3. control air circulation and ventilation

4. cleanse the air

And to think that this invention would give birth to Spot Cooling and Temporary Air Conditioning -- the offspring of modern air conditioning!  Here's a tribute to the good 'ol Dr. of cool.  110 Seconds to celebrate the 110th Birthday of Air Conditioning

10 Tweetable Facts on Air Conditioning's 110th Birthday Happy-Birthday-Air-Conditioning

  1. Dr. Willis Carrier invented the world's first mechanical air conditioner.  Cool Tweet

  2. Willis Carrier had a new idea, dared to dream big and literally changed the world.  Cool Tweet

  3. Comfort cooling is important but the productivity aspect is underestimated.  Cool Tweet

  4. Air conditioning allows other industries to be possible.  Cool Tweet

  5. In the early days, air conditioners cooled machines, not people.  Cool Tweet

  6. In the 1920s air conditioning was introduced to offices, department stores and movie theatres.  Cool Tweet

  7. In 1955 one in 22 US homes had some form of air conditioning.  Cool Tweet

  8. By 1960, one in five US homes had some form of air conditioning.  Cool Tweet

  9. Today 87% of US households have air conditioning.  Cool Tweet

  10. 110 years later, the prospects for Willis Carrier's invention have never looked more promising.  Cool Tweet

Wouldn't we all love to be 110 and as cool as Dr. Willis Carrier!?  Think I'll celebrate tonight and have some cake....and maybe some ice cream... for the cool Dr. Carrier.


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