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Renting Portable Spot Coolers vs. Buying -- Which is Better?

Posted by: Tina Behnke on Jul 26, 2012

Renting-vs-buying-portable-spot-coolerPortable air conditioners and spot coolers are commonly used for all kinds of applications.  You can check out the top 10 spot cooling applications here and I'll bet you can identify with at least one scenario.

When folks call to get more information on portable spot coolers we're often asked if it would be better for them to purchase or rent a spot cooler.  The definitive answer is.... it depends!

Spot cooler rental VS buying comes down to two main questions: 

  1. How long do you need to use the spot cooler?

    That's usually one of the first questions we ask potential clients.  If you have an emergency or planned shut down and you'll only need the portable air conditioners for a long weekend while the main system is serviced, then renting is probably your best bet. If you have a recurring seasonal need for cooling -- let's say you are a logistics company and you warehouse chocolate in the summer months -- then you might want to consider purchasing if you will use the portable spot coolers again the next season.

    Takeaway -- look at the break even point.  Typically it's between 4 and 5 months.  Once you've rented for 4 months or so, you've paid the purchase price.  Find a company that will offer you both purchase and rental options so you can compare the investment of purchasing vs. the expense of renting.

  2. Will your cooling needs change?

    If your spot cooling needs won't change -- let's say you'll always be at the same location because you own the property or you won't add or change your equipment layout, then you might want to consider purchasing.  On the other hand, if you are a tenant in a leased space, purchasing a spot cooler will allow you to take it with you when you move to a new space or reconfigure how you use your current space.  If your cooling load fluctuates, you should consider renting so you get exactly the cooling you need each and every time.

    Takeaway -- if your cooling load will change it may be best to rent so you get the cooling you need for each application.  If you purchase a spot cooler, ask if you can "trade up" or "trade in" for a different model if your cooling needs drastically change.

We always say the best customer is an educated and informed customer.  Do yourself a favor and get both purchase prices and rental rates to compare for yourself. 

Contact a rental company like Sunbelt Rentals or RSC to get rental rates for portable spot coolers.  You should be able to get weekly and monthly rental rates.  Both companies have many locations but they typically deal with a contractor base so if you need special delivery or set up, they may not be a good option.

Contact a company specializing in portable air conditioning rentals.  Aggreko has US offices and handles power and air for major events and big cooling jobs.  You can get in touch with a MovinCool distributor in your area through NipponDenso's main site.  This Japanese manufacturer has US headquarters in Long Beach, CA and independent distributors that purchase for resale or for rental fleets.

And of course, there's AirPac -- our American made spot coolers are manufactured in VA and we sell and rent nationwide.  We have a broad product range and cool everything from server rooms and data centers to special event tents.

Call or click.  We'll keep you cool!

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P.S. Not to throw you a curve ball but you can always consider leasing.  Our good friends at Balboa Capital would be glad to chat with you about your equipment needs and figure out if leasing is a viable option to help you meet your revenue goals.

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