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4 Ways Portable Spot Cooler Rentals Keep Retailers in Business

Posted by: Tina Behnke on Aug 9, 2012

This is NOT a sign you want to post on the door of your store, restaurant or business.  EVER!Portable-Spot-Coolers-Rental-When-AC-Broken

People have a choice when they shop.  And PEOPLE will not convert to CUSTOMERS unless they find what they need, at a fair price, in a comfortable and safe environment.

You can read the Lack of Air Conditioning at Dollar General article but to sum it up, here's what regular customer Joe Lynch had to say;

“They just lost my hundred dollars. I’ll go elsewhere. I’ll go down to Kmart down there — they’ve got air conditioning.”

I don't know about you, but I'd take my business -- and my money -- elsewhere, too!

Here are 4 ways portable spot cooler rentals can keep your business in business!

  1. Keep visitors comfortable -- so they turn become customers!  I'd do an about face and walk out of a store or restaurant with no air conditioning.  The heat is one thing but the stuffiness and humidity that increase the longer there is no air conditioning or air flow.... no thanks!  I'd be right behind Joe Lynch on the way to Kmart!

  2. Provide a comfortable environment for employees -- I certainly don't want to open a can of worms here but I'm thinking OSHA would have some sort of regulation about work conditions in an environment with extremely high temperatures.  Certainly the employees would need additional breaks and water.

  3. Provide a safe environment for employees and customers -- if there is no air conditioning then it's probable that the doors are propped open to allow for air flow.  There might even be a back door open to get a cross draft and air movement.  Not the safest environment to promote security and good shopping or dining experience.

  4. Minimize spoilage -- hmmm what about the chocolate bars and other temperature sensitive products?  Not to mention wine or pharmaceuticals.  High temperatures = high waste and spoilage.

Take a minute to see how these national chains keep their stores cool when the air conditioner needs servicing.  

Renting portable spot coolers certainly won't cool the entire space down to 72 degrees but you'll be able to provide relief for employees, a cool area for customers to keep them shopping longer and keep your perishable items from spoiling.

Here's a handy 10 point check list you can download so you'll have important information ready when you need emergency spot cooling.

10 Point Emergency Spot Cooling Checklist

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