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What's the Best Tent Air Conditioner for a Small Back Yard?

Posted by: Tina Behnke on Aug 3, 2012

Most problems have multiple possible solutions.  The world we live in is not just black and white -- there's a lot of gray.  But when you want to air condition a tent in a small back yard -- or a small space -- there's really only one choice. 

Most small back yards are, well.... small!  Not only is the space limited but the approach, the access to the back yard, is usually, you guessed it, SMALL! 

Even if your space isn't super small, you may find that the residual space, the space around the sides of the tent, is limited.  OK.  Just for fun, we're going to mock up an example here.

Open space: 50' x 80'

Proposed event tent:  40' x 60'

That leaves you 10' of clearance on one side and 20' on the other.

Oh yeah, and there are planting beds and bushes along the perimeter of the space. 

Even though it seems like you might have enough clearance for some support equipment don't forget about the caterers access and the generator.  Not to mention that you'll have to stake the tent so that requires additional clearance/space.  The poor tent erectors usually end up in the bushes and all kinds of crazy places -- they work wonders securing the tents!

A 40' x 60' tent gives you 2400 sf of space.  You'll need between 16 and 24 tons of cooling, depending on the time of the event, and the seasonal temperatures.


AirPac has the perfect limited space tent air conditioner.  I can continue attempting to paint a mental picture by describing the narrow brick walkways, the tiny garden gate, the cramped driveway, the perfectly manicured lawn that we don't want to ruin or have to pay to replace.  Better yet, take about a minute and watch this tent air conditioning video

Next time you need to air condition an event tent in a small back yard or a space that has limited access, you'll know the AirPac GERO unit is the only way to go!


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