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5 Best Ways to Use Electric Heater Rentals on Construction Sites

Posted by: Tina Behnke on Nov 6, 2013

Winter weather arrives and the construction project needs to stay on schedule. No winter break allowed!


When the weather turns cold construction sites continue to be active. Most site managers don’t want delays to affect their schedule. In order to keep the project moving forward during cold months many companies will rent electric heaters for construction sites.

During a construction project there are many things that need to be managed. The requirement to work during colder temperature is essential. There are many ways an electric heater can be used at a construction site to keep the project moving forward.  

Warming Stations 

At every construction site safety is extremely important. When construction workers are exposed to cold weather they may need to warm themselves for a period of time to prevent loss of concentration. A warming station will provide welcome relief from frigid temperatures and enable them to better focus on their work.  This also helps construction companies comply with OSHA suggestions on protecting workers in cold weather.  

Concrete Curing 

Curing is an essential part of using concrete during construction. Done correctly it will increase the concrete’s strength and durability. This requires the temperature to remain within a certain range. Concrete curing can take from five to seven days. Electric heaters speed up concrete curing in cold weather. The heaters provide a specific level of heat during cold weather and do not require ventilation of hazardous fumes.

Drywall Drying 

Drywall installation is part of most types construction projects. The mud compound used when installing drywall can take a long time to properly dry. It is important the drywall mud be dry before the sanding process begins. Localized heat can make the drying process quicker and easier during cold temperatures.  


It is always best if construction crews perform the finishing work in a comfortable environment. This type of finishing work requires attention to detail and skilled craftsmanship. A dry space is also beneficial for wood and other types of finishing materials. Here are some helpful tips for cold weather woodworking. To keep your project on schedule, consider renting portable electric heaters that can be easily moved to different areas of the construction site as work progresses. Keep the wood and workers happy and warm!


Most folks know that exterior painting is a "seasonal" business because latex paint really shouldn't be applied below 50 degrees F. So what happens when the interior of a newly constructed space needs to be painted but the HVAC system isn't installed yet? If a heater requires ventilation it can be a hazard when used around paint. Electric heaters used in spaces where paint is drying are safe and effective. There is no problem with this heat source causing a reaction from mixed paint products. 

We can help keep your winter weather construction projects on time and on budget with safe and efficient electric heater rentals. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to meet your electrical heater needs. Download the electric heater specs here.

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