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4 Ways Portable Electric Heaters Improve Winter Construction Sites

Posted by: Tina Behnke on Nov 15, 2013

electric-heater-rental-for-construction-siteThe 5-day forecast calls for freezing temps and a chance of snow. Not what you want to hear when you manage or work on an active outdoor construction site with project deadlines! There are no snow days when you can stay in your warm house, drinking hot chocolate and watching movies all day like when you were in school. NEWSFLASH: Those fun snow days ended with your school days!

With winter weather project managers still have deadlines to meet. On an active construction project, extreme temperatures can effect your crew, slowing down production and causing more work related injuries. During the coldest months, crews face unique challenges that can bring jobs to a complete halt.

Giving your crew the extra boost they need by providing them with the comfort of warmth can increase efficiency and productivity. But more importantly, your crew will be safer and you'll comply with OSHA guidelines for winter weather work sites

Portable electric heaters are an essential element to any construction job site where plummeting temperatures can pose dangerous and distracting problems. 

Here are four ways portable electric heaters improve winter construction sites.

  1. Increase in crew productivity: Working in the cold can be detrimental to job site productivity. Extreme cold temperatures effect the muscles drastically. Cold muscles get less oxygen making it more difficult to remove carbon and lactic acid. Cold muscles then become less responsive causing the individual to loose function, mobility, and coordination. Sensitivity and dexterity of extremities becomes impaired due to extreme cold weather conditions. Your crew depends on their strength and mobility to get the job done, keeping them warm enables them to work at full capacity.
  2. Increase in mental alertness: Working in cold weather can impair mental alertness. In complicated work sites or jobs which include the use of heavy equipment, a workers wits must be about him or her at all times. Accidents are more likely to occur on job sites due to extreme temperature impairment. Work related risk is an everyday concern, reducing the risk by eliminating a temperature related concerns decreases your job site hazardous risk.
  3. Decrease job related injuries: Because of the cold's effect on the muscles, parts of the body lose flexibility. Muscles are more easily torn or injured in extreme cold conditions. The body is also less apt to absorb shock due to impact because of the loss of muscle flexibility.
  4. Boost your workers morale: On a job site, mental strength is equally as important as physical strength. By giving your workers added comfort during difficult tasks, you can effectively boost their moral resulting in better overall work environment and atmosphere.

We're happy to help keep your construction projects on time and on budget. You can download the electric heater specification sheet to keep handy for the next time the weather threatens to slow down or halt your project.  

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