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Electric Heaters vs. Propane Heaters

Posted by: Marlena Spencer on Sep 17, 2021
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We've all seen those propane heaters on restaurant patios during the fall and winter seasons. But should you use them in your event tent, barn, or warehouse space? The answer is no, electric heat is a much better and safer option to heat enclosed spaces. Here's why:TWP5

Electric heat does not give off smelly fumes.

Propane gives off fumes that are unpleasant and can be dangerous to your health if there is not enough ventilation in the space. The fumes can also alter the way food and beverages taste. Electric heaters give off no harmful fumes and they don't alter the culinary experience for guests.

Electric heaters are less of a fire hazard.

Most propane heaters these days are equipped with a mechanism that shuts off the heater if it's knocked over or not level. There is still the risk of a fire if an object gets too close to the heater as there is a flame. Electric heaters are less of a fire hazard because there is no flame.

Electric heaters are allowed where propane heaters are not.

Most densely populated cities, like Manhattan and Washington, DC, strongly discourage the use of propane heaters on rooftop terraces and balconies as it poses a fire hazard. Electric heaters are the popular choice by many venues, commercial spaces, and warehouses in these cities because they are compliant with building codes and regulations.

Not all heaters are created equal. While propane heaters are a great option for outdoor dining, bar patios, and ski/snowboard snack bars, they're not the best option if you have an enclosed space. Contact us to find out more about our electric heaters!

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