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Comfort Matters for Workplace Productivity

Posted by: Marlena Spencer on Sep 17, 2021
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Have you ever been so hot you can't think straight? Or so cold you can't think of anything else but warming up?

Comfort plays a big role in how productive we can be in the workplace. Uncomfortable temperatures affect our physical wellbeing as well as our mental clarity and focus which has a negative impact on our performance. An office that is too chilly or too warm might cause employees to slack a little as their attention is not on their work but rather keeping comfortable.

Physical Health

While you can't catch a cold from the cold, the energy your body exerts to keep yourself warm takes away from the energy needed to fight off germs. This is how you can get sick from being in a chilly environment. However, a cold office is a good excuse to get up and get a little more movement in your day. Uncomfortably warm temperatures can cause dehydration and discomfort and can make you want to be more sedentary to avoid sweating. Either way, you want to keep your employees physically comfortable.

Mental Clarity and Focus

Brain fog seems to be more of an issue in offices that are too hot rather than too cold. We've all had those moments in the summer months when we are too hot to think. Chilly offices don't usually see as big of a problem with brain fog but actively shivering can be a distraction to your work.

Don't let the temperature dictate your office's productivity! If your building's air conditioning or heat isn't working properly and you need some supplemental climate control, contact us! We have solutions for small and large office spaces and would love to find the right fit for you. 

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