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Our Breakup Letter to 2020

Posted by: Marlena Spencer on Jan 1, 2021
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Dear 2020,

It's not us, it's you.

2020, it's time we say goodbye.

You have put us through things that we feel we did not deserve. Untitled design-16 It all started with the movie Cats, and then spiraled into a pandemic, murder hornets, fires in Australia and California, locust swarms in Africa, Kanye running for president, and a toilet paper shortage so severe we still shudder when we reach for a new roll.

You took beloved people from us with the coronavirus and we mourned the deaths of celebrities like Kobe Bryant, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Chadwick Boseman, and Sean Connery. You put us through racial unrest, police brutality cases, and high unemployment. You deprived children from learning in a classroom alongside their friends. You canceled vacations, family reunions, graduations, and weddings. We saw some of our favorite small businesses and restaurants close for good. If all this wasn't enough, you made use gain the quarantine 15.

2020, you really have been a nightmare!

While the bad outweighed the good, we did have some positive times together like Tiger King, J-Lo and Shakira's half-time show, learning new hobbies and having the time to revisit old ones. You made the time for us to clean out our living spaces with help from Marie Kondo's show and The Home Edit's show on Netflix.

We made banana bread, sourdough, whipped coffee, and jarred stuff so much stuff that there was a jarring equipment shortage. We got to see our co-workers' pets on zoom meetings and haven't had to wear real pants since March.  

We thought you'd be different. We thought we would usher in a new decade on a high note. We thought we would be innovating, sharing ideas, connecting, teaching, and learning in person. 

Truthfully, we won't miss you. And we hope 2021 will be much kinder to us.

So farewell 2020, and hello 2021!

Happy New Year from the AirPac Team! We hope to work with you this year!

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