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The Weather Outside is Frightful, but the Barn is so Delightful...

Posted by: Marlena Spencer on Dec 24, 2020
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Barn weddings have been very popular in the warmer months the last few years. The rolling fields and rustic setting is a picturesque place to say "I do." Winter barn weddings can be just as beautiful and charming with a few soft touches. With so many couples having to reschedule/rescheduled their weddings to colder months, we thought we'd give some tips on how to create a warm, inviting atmosphere for your barn event.

1. Soften and insulate the barn with rugs, throws, and upholstered items.

Barns are not the most airtight structures, especially older ones. With spaces between boards and no insulation, it can get very drafty in barns. Just think, to keep animals warm in the winter, farmers lay hay down for insulation. You'll need to do something similar if you want to take some of the chill out of the air! We love the look of layered rugs and throw blankets for warmth and adding texture.

2. Celebrate the season with comfort food and drink options.

In the summer, caterers recommend keeping food and drink light. With a winter barn wedding, you can get more rich and decadent with your food options as well as incorporate a hot beverage. Hot toddies, hot cocoa, spiked cider, mulled wine, and Irish coffee are warm beverage ideas that are sure to make your guests feel warm and cozy...and ready to dance!

3. Build off of the barn's lighting.

Most barns have warm string lights of some sort for overhead light. Build off of this already cozy lighting scheme with some added candlelight or lantern clusters.

4. Get creative with your wardrobe.

Velvet suits and heavier brocade fabrics are beautiful for cold weather events. They add a luxurious touch that you can't get at a spring or summer wedding! Add a fur or faux fur wrap to your wedding day ensemble and keep your wedding party cozy with contrasting wraps as a gift. If your grandmother has a real fur, ask to borrow it for that "something borrowed!"

5. Ask about an outdoor fire pit.

Many barn venues offer additional items to rent like fire pits. Have a s'more roasting station and some oversized chairs with some blankets nearby for a cozy outdoor space.

6. Heat the barn with AirPac's electric heaters!

Our heaters are electric so they are safe to use in barns. With no propane, there's no smelly, dangerous fumes. Add our fireplace heater for ambiance! It has all the looks and feel of a traditional fireplace in a rustic barn, it even crackles!

We know you've waited for this day for a while and you've put a lot of heart into planning it. We want to keep you and your guests warm and comfortable. Contact us to heat your winter barn wedding, safely and effectively. No cold feet allowed!

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