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7 Reasons to Have AC at Your Summer Wedding

Posted by: Marlena Spencer on Jun 25, 2021
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Everyone knows that air conditioning is great for comfort but it's so important for many other facets of your wedding day. From aesthetic to health, air conditioning is more than preferred, it's essential! Here's 7 reasons why you should consider AC for your summer wedding that you probably haven't thought about.

colorful-chinoiserie-private-estate-maryland-wedding_0061Guest Comfort

Comfort is the main reason for air conditioning. If guests are hot and sweaty, that's all they'll remember! Make sure your wedding is memorable for all the right reasons with air conditioning.


You spent money on flowers, keep them looking fresh and vibrant with air conditioning! Summer heat and humidity is a bouquet's worst enemy and you want your flowers to last from the moment you put on your dress to the last dance. 

Sweat Stains

You don't want to look at your photos and see boob, underarm, and back sweat. Ensure you and your guests look your best with cool, comfortable air.

Makeup and Hair

Summer heat and humidity will make your makeup melt and hair deflate. Not only yours, but your guests as well! Make sure that everyone is picture perfect for all those photos with cool air.

The Dance Floor

No one will dance if they're too hot! Keep your tent or barn cool and you can guarantee the dance floor will heat up.

Health Issues

Older relatives and expecting friends will be especially happy to have a comfortable reception space. The last thing you want on your big day is a health emergency.

Food Safety

Cakes and heat do not mix! When cakes get too warm they start leaning and icing melts off. Frosting is especially sensitive to warm temperatures and the design of your cake might not last in the heat. Have your cake and eat it too by making sure your reception area is cool enough for this sweet treat.

Your special day does not get a do over so make sure your event is memorable for all the right reasons. Contact us to cool your summer tent or barn wedding!

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