Have you ever been so hot you can't think straight? Or so cold you can't think of anything else but warming up? Comfort plays a big role in how productive we can be in the workplace. Uncomfortable...

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  • Comfort Matters for Workplace Productivity
  • Let's take a look at the SKIDPAC 60, one of our newest air conditioners! This compact and reliable air conditioning unit is perfect for temporary planned and emergency HVAC in commercial and...

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  • A Closer Look: SKIDPAC60
  • Tents are some of the most versatile event spaces. From small, intimate sailcloth tents to massive clear top frame tents, there is a tent style for you and your setting. Choosing a tent can be...

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  • The Many Types of Tents
  • You may be surprised to learn that there is no OSHA regulation for workplace temperatures. However, employers are required to provide a work environment that is "free from recognizable hazards that...

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  • Emergency Cooling for Office Safety
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