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Portable Air Conditioners Safer than Window Units -- AC Unit Falls 6 Floors, Hits Man

Posted by: Tina Behnke on Sep 28, 2010

Air Conditioner Falls 6 Floors

One man got more than he bargained for while walking his dog today.  An air conditioner plunged from a 6th floor window and (thankfully) bounced off an awning before hitting Mr. Franzese in the head.  Franzese suffered severe head lacerations and was taken to Bellevue Hospital.  Photo credit CBS 2.

One reason window air conditioners are so popular in high rise dwellings is the low purchase cost -- they are much less expensive than portable air conditioners.  Although a window air conditioner may seem harmless, when you put one in every window, many older buildings can't handle the physical stain on the structure.  And what about the installation itself?  Who's to say the air conditioner is installed correctly in the first place!

Architectural Review Boards in residential and commercial developments have become increasingly unreceptive to window air conditioner applications.  Installations can be unsightly and unsafe.  Personal portable air conditioners have been popular in Europe and Asia for years and are gaining popularity here in the US with consumers. 

Commercial portable air conditioners are often used when enhancements to the central air conditioner are out of the question or just too costly.  There are many benefits to using spot coolers for your business:

  • All equipment is inside - away from inclement weather
  • Air conditioner is less likely to be vandalized or stolen
  • Low sunk costs in a building you may not own
  • Low installation costs compared to central systems
  • You'll take your computers/office/machinery with you when you relocate -- take your air conditioner, too
  • Portable air conditioners won't become a part of the building like central air conditioning systems for tenant spaces
  • Air conditioning can run all round in heat sensitive areas to cool server rooms that require year-round cooling - even in winter months - when the building heating system is online. 

Portable air conditioners aren't the answer for every cooling problem but it's worth looking into.

Portable Air Conditioner Specs

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